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A Memorable Dream….

Have you ever wished there was a way to videotape dreams?

I wish I could have a videotape of this one, because it was so real and even though it happened a couple weeks ago, I remember it like I just woke up. It’s kind of a bizarre story, but it has a point, so here goes….

I was like 20 years old, and a friend and I decided that we were leaving home and moving to “the coast.”
We picked up and moved to California like crazy people.

We found jobs as waitresses or checkout girls or whatever and a 1-bedroom apartment.

It was sunny and warm and we were having a good time.

UNTIL my friend found a boyfriend. Her boyfriend creeped me out.

Do you really have to bring him back here?

Leaving signals on the door, all that.


Time went on and her boyfriend got creepier. She told me she was going to break it off.

Then one afternoon, I came home to find our apt door wide open.

She was sitting on the floor, just inside the door, back against the wall, holding a rope tied to the ceiling in the kitchen (next room on your left as you enter).

ummm……what are you doing?

I told him that it was over, that I wanted to see other guys, and he seemed ok with it. He asked if he could make lunch for me one last time.


Then he said he had a surprise for me and wanted to blindfold me so he could show me, so he did & had me sit here & wait.

go on….

Well, he gave me this rope….he said that if he can’t have me no one else can. He’s coming back to check on me in a few hours to see if I’ve changed my mind. He said that if I let go of the rope, the apartment will explode. I’ve been holding it for like 4 hours now, but I’d really like to go to the bathroom……will you hold it for a while?

(Looking at the rope, I could see it went into the kitchen to some kind of gizmo…..who knew but that it would explode if it was disturbed? Well, this girl was going to explode if she didn’t get to a bathroom, so first things first.)

Ok…..gently now….hand me the rope, then you run to the bathroom & we’ll figure this out.

Ever so gently she handed me the rope, then she ran & came back.

By then, I had come up with a plan to tie the rope to something to stabalize it so that we could both escape. We had a REALLY heavy lamp nearby.

Grab that lamp for me and bring it over here. CAREFULLY.

She did.

Now you hold the rope a couple feet higher than the lamp and I’ll use the extra rope to tie it to the lamp. Ready?

I started tying……just as I did, we heard a CLICK from the kitchen.

My heart jumped.

In a second there was a HUGE fireball in the kitchen that was obviously going to head our way….

The mind reacts SO QUICKLY….

First reaction…..OH NO!!! WE BLEW IT!!!

A microsecond later…….WOW……THAT’S RIGHT!!! IT’S OK!!! HEAVEN!!!!!! THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR MAKING THIS OK!!!!!!!

I actually, literally had time to experience peace (and joy even) between seeing that fireball and dying. It was awesome. And I’m so grateful.

Then, of course, I woke up in my bed. But smiling.

This kind of relationship, this kind of peace should affect our everyday lives….how does it affect mine?


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